Leonetto Cappiello

Leonetto Cappiello Maurin Quina Lithograph, 1906 Although born in Livorno, Italy, Cappiello spent most of his adult life in Paris where he became one of the most successful and prolific posterists of all time (he created more than 1000). He is considered by many to be the father of modern advertising. His style focused on one irresistible image that could be absorbed in a second and remembered for a lifetime. He wrote: "Surprise is the foundation of advertising; it is its necessary condition." It is hard to find a more suitable example of these words than Cappiello's Maurin Quina. How could one create an image more captivating for a drink with a wallop (Maurin Quina was an absinthe) than an impish green devil? This is inspired poster making, and helps to explain why Cappiello is considered to be the greatest product poster artist of all time.