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Looking to buy absinthe?
  Not sure which or where?

By MsJekyll • Posted March 2009

I plan to include an absinthe buyer's guide here in the (near?) future. For now, click over to the Buy Absinthe .Net Guide, a website & blog written by an old absinthe-drinking buddy of mine.

Since I redesigned this website in May 2008, visitor numbers have been climbing, as has the number of emails I get. Not surprisingly, the most common question is "It's my first time. Which absinthe should I buy?"

Although I try to answer everyone, MsJekyll.com is my hobby website and I don't always have the time to give it as much attention as I would like to. For some years now, I've been taking and filing tasting notes every time I came across a new absinthe – the good, the bad, mainstream and obscure alike. That's quite a bit of material I would like to share, but putting it all on the web won't be an easy fast job.

For the time being, check out the Buy Absinthe.Net guide.

James, the author of that website, is a dear friend of mine and a fellow absinthe fanatic lover. His passion for the metaphorical "Green Fairy" matches (if not exceeds) mine and his website is a great guide for anyone looking to buy absinthe both online and in the "real world" (which he has traveled extensively). I share his taste in absinthe and (most of :-) his opinions on the subject.




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