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Pernod aux extraits de plantes d’absinthe

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Topic created by tagine
on Tue, 23 Sep 2008 at 11:01

tagine said on Tue, 23 Sep 2008 at 11:01...

is this a good absinthe to buy? I cook fish with a splash of Pernod and like the taste! I have never tried absinthe so I am not sure which is the best. Merci bien!

Old Nick said on Tue, 30 Sep 2008 at 11:14...

Pernod is of course the grande marque, or big daddy :-), of old absinthe. The House of Pernod was founded by Major Dubied who bought the recipe from the Henriod sisters (according to legend). Original bottles of Pernod from the 1900s fetch a lot of money today! But I have not tried Pernod aux extraits de plantes d’absinthe, which is a brand they sell now.
I do not think it is the same recipe ..according to what I have read anyway.

Perhaps you could try an absinthe sorbet if you like to use absinthe in the kitchen.

Mark said on Sun, 5 Oct 2008 at 08:45...

How about creme brulee? It is from the menu at the Absinthiades in Pontarlier

Menu Vert Absinthe:
Feuilleté d’escargot à l’Absinthe
Bar à l’AbsintheFromages
Crème brûlée à l’Absinthe
Moelleux au Chocolat et Absinthe

Old Nick said on Mon, 6 Oct 2008 at 10:20...

Snails in pastry and absinthe? No thanks. I wouldn't mind trying the brulee though. Bar à l’Absinthe Fromages.....???????

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