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Topic created by Charlie
on Mon, 24 Nov 2008 at 20:04

Charlie said on Mon, 24 Nov 2008 at 20:04...

Okay so if Lucid is the "american absinthe" does lucid let you see the green fairy too? Or is it not strong enough. And who, that has drank the real absinthe, has seen the green fairy? Is it real?

Old Nick said on Thu, 27 Nov 2008 at 21:32...

The Green Fairy, or Fee Verte, is a nickname for absinthe from the original absinthe drinking era. It can be said that the green fairy is a metaphor for the effects of absinthe on the drinker. For example: The Green Muse by Albert Maignan, 1895, shows the Green Fairy caressing the head of a poet in a Parisian garret. Then again she appears in another painting from the era: Viktor Oliva's Absinthe Drinker. Take a look and you will see what I mean :-)

As for Lucid? That is one of these new "thujone free" & "made for America" brands. So what do you think!

Absintheobsessive said on Fri, 26 Dec 2008 at 18:50...

Lucid is the real deal, just bland in comparison when compared to much better Swiss offerings, like Kubler, which is a true and tasty blanche. You can now import through the internet Mansinthe and Clandestine and others so this whole Lucid being a fake is BS. Lucid just doesnt use a good fresh strain of wormwood, and other herbs so it is blander, more mass produced. Kubler is another offering i've tried quite a few times and am impressed with the clean profile. But it still doesnt live up to my expectations, so there is a huge room for improvement, which is why I am making my own.
Also- for a quick absinthe like buzz you can drink a few beers/shots and make wormwood tea with a few other herbs to taste and get a nice-similar buzz. Excessive use will cause a buildup of thujone in the brain so it cant be made an everyday ritual, which is depressing but give it a try if you are poor and want a good, quick buzz. It worked for me.

Olaus Wormius said on Fri, 23 Oct 2009 at 15:15...

Thujone free? I thought it was allowed, just at levels below 10mg Thujone content. Also for real Thujone effects try sage oil. Or make your own
green dragon even better.

THEABSINTHEPROFESSOR said on Sat, 25 May 2013 at 08:14...

Viridian Spirits, LLC today announced the sale of Lucid Absinthe Supérieure to Hood River Distillers, Inc. effective immediately. ....Jared Gurfein, a corporate lawyer and co-founder of Viridian who spearheaded the effort to overturn the Federal ban says, “We are happy that Lucid is going to a great home with Hood River Distillers, and will always have the brand in our hearts. We were very proud to make history and shape the spirits industry when we overturned the ban.”

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