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REAL absinthe is BLUE

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Topic created by Felis catus
on Mon, 19 Jan 2009 at 13:48

Felis catus said on Mon, 19 Jan 2009 at 13:48...

Can anyone confirm or deny this proposition! I thought real absinthe was green! I was told otherwise at a party on Saturday night!!!???!!

bruce said on Mon, 19 Jan 2009 at 22:49...

on the site it says green


bruce said on Mon, 19 Jan 2009 at 22:53...

here's another


Anonymous said on Sat, 24 Jan 2009 at 06:45...

La Bleue is meant?

ty9 said on Sat, 7 Feb 2009 at 10:05...

I wonder if there was a blue absinthe in the old days. The reason I ask is that I remember reading that there was a form of blue dye used in the post-distillation colouring process. Generally absinthe is green (verte) or white (la bleue).

Old Nick said on Sat, 7 Feb 2009 at 19:08...

What blue dye? There is one absinthe in Italy that is really blue but I thought it was a modern thing.

shak said on Thu, 7 Jan 2010 at 04:39...

Saw blue absinthe in mexico, apparently from chech republic. The color looked way too much like some horrible solution the dentist would disguise flouride in, so I bought a different (green) brand.

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