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Lo lightning

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Topic created by Michael Threewines
on Fri, 17 Oct 2014 at 21:13

Michael Threewines said on Fri, 17 Oct 2014 at 21:13...

Lo lightning as a lovers embrace. Lonely am I as I move across a sandy floor. But to my surprise she joins me. Loneliness dissipates like the sun that sets. Her electricity excites the air around me. I hear her. A sensual tone that vibrates my ear drum, soothing, passionate tones. Quiet as a whisper calling me. My inhibitions are lost, I am entranced, entrapped, seeking more of her, chasing her as if she wants me to follow her. The energy in the air moves across my skin, like a lovers hand in discovery. Goose bumps, soft nibbles, each hair rises moving in waves across my skin, ripples of excitement. Her embrace and discovery of me shakes me. An eruption starting to form at my center, in my core. Closing my eyes I feel her cool skin, the heat of her breath. Small beads of sweat form on my brow. My breathing becomes fast then calms. Shoulders relaxed, knees becoming weak, thighs quiver with excitement, chest is hard and erect. Our meeting feels as if she is leaning in to kiss me as her hands touch me. The feeling as if we just met but understand and agree to each other requests. Conforming, sacrifice, submission, yet full of strength ready to give. My flesh Burns as it contains the heat inside. The explosion occurs as the energized air moves over me. I fall to my knees trying to catch my breath. What now can I do but to wait....wait for that chance to feel all she has to offer, to expand my feeling. I can scream but it is as if I were in a dream where no one has ears to hear, or a voice to speak, and doesn't care what is being said. What now....oh how sweet it is to feel the lightning as if it were that of a lovers pursuit or embrace. Oh how it felt to be captured by her.

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